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Welcome to my website!


Here you can find information about Baltimore, Maryland flutist and flute instructor Audra Ziegel. Learn more about upcoming performances here as well as how to join my private flute lesson studio in Baltimore County, located just south of Towson University.

Flute Lessons

I am accepting new flute lesson students of all ages and ability levels. Flute lessons are an invaluable way to help your child (or yourself!) become a skillful musician. Flute lessons will help ensure your child has the best advantages as a young musician and will develop into a lifelong music lover. Give your child the gift of flute lessons and help them become a mature and accomplished flutist – a skill they will treasure for a lifetime. Flute lessons for adults offer the chance to rekindle a passion for playing the flute. Visit the flute lessons page to learn more about my studio’s core principles, rates, testimonials, and contact information.

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