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"When I met Audra, I had largely given up on finding a flute instructor I could work with after a 25-year break from music. When we met, she warmly welcomed me and encouraged me to follow up with her. I was anxious about the first lesson, but to my surprise, I had a wonderful time. I wasn’t embarrassed about my inconsistent tone or fumbling. Audra was positive and met me where I was. She helped me create a mature program that’s been absolutely enjoyable - not full of shoulder and arm-aching finger exercises - but musical and fun to practice. My tone has improved dramatically, and I play with much more confidence. I now occasionally play in Church and in small ensembles. My daughters love to play with me. Most importantly, I look forward to every week’s flute lesson - a gift to myself of time and music. Anyone contemplating returning to the flute but afraid to do so should contact Audra Ziegel. She’ll help you rediscover and enjoy giving yourself this gift of music!"


     ~Adult student of 3 years

"My daughter has been a student of Ms. Audra’s for 4 years.  Ms. Audra is an exceptional teacher.  She has developed my daughter into a confident and accomplished musician.  I appreciate how Ms. Audra presents my daughter with opportunities to audition for various bands and competitions.  My daughter always enjoys her lesson time.  During the lessons Ms. Audra is kind, yet knows how to challenge my daughter musically so that she improves and practices on her own each week."


     ~Parent of student, age 13

"My Daughter Madison has been a student of Ms. Audra's for almost a year now.  I have seen Madison grow and improve in this time. I have received emails from her School Band Teacher stating how well Madison has done in her class and that she has grown in her confidence with her private lessons. She also mentioned how Madison is helping the other children with finger placements and understanding how to do the breaths correctly. At times, Madison is very shy and with the extra lessons this has given her the opportunity to shine in a larger classroom setting where that might not have been possible before. The confident smile Madison shows off when she finishes a song is amazing! I owe that to the Exceptional Teacher that Ms. Audra is. I would highly recommend Ms. Audra to any parent whose child wants to get involved with Flute. Especially if you have a child that can be shy and would have never gotten up and played in front of a large family gathering or even a school event, sign them up, it will be worth it!"

     ~ Parent of student, age 10

"Audra Ziegel is a compassionate, caring and sensitive flute teacher who has worked with my daughter now for three years. Audra cares for my daughter in ways only a well-trained musician can. My daughter comes away from each practice session inspired and invigorated. Audra knows how to share a careful word of critique without hurting feelings. In the way Audra knows how to instruct, my daughter is always ready to try something new and strive to a new level of expertise. Living in these pandemic times, an hour of flute of instruction has become the high point of my daughter’s week. I am thankful for Audra’s instruction and grateful for her care."


~Tom Blair (Towson), parent of student age 17

"My 15-year old daughter has been taking lessons from Audra for about 5 months. From the very start Audra has shown herself to be a special kind of teacher.  She is enthusiastic and positive, and clearly enjoys teaching which is inherently motivational. Audra makes it a priority to understand my daughter's goals, personality, and learning style and tailors her weekly lesson plans with all that in mind.  My daughter appreciates Audra's patience in answering questions and providing helpful feedback for continued understanding and improvement. Audra is skilled at keeping lessons challenging and fun at the same time, no easy task with a high school student. We highly recommend her to flute students of any level.  "


     ~Parent of student, age 15

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